The Story

I was born in Mochudi, a small town nestled among a thousand hills, known for its Rocky terrain. I am a Mokgatla, the great-great granddaughter of the great Chief, Kgosi Pilane.

The rocks on the hills in Kgatleng are colorful pieces of chipped, rusted bursts of warm color. They are rustic.

One sunny morning during a trip to the farm in Moologe, a few miles from Mochudi, I found some corroded metal sheets that had been in out in the open for a while. The rain and sunshine united to form a tapestry, bursting with warm abstract colors that felt like home.

I’ve introduced the collection of canvas printed photographs to the world that I named “Corrosion Collection” . It is my gift from Kgatleng, the land of a thousand hills that lie on a beautiful, rustic, and rocky terrain.

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