Your Purpose gives you Infinite Possibilities.

About lepang

A Purpose driven Dreamer.

Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Published Author, Lepang Ferguson has made it her intention to not only focus on living a purpose driven life, but to help others do the same.

Through her popular Podcast, New Day with Lepang, Lepang reaches thousands of people with her sultry voice and incredible, life-changing, words of affirmation every day. Her book Wildflower Season has become a monumental success and she spends her time speaking at International events. 

The moment I started to focus on my purpose, everything changed.

Lepang Ferguson

Wildflower Season

Fidelia Bishop had left the assignment unfinished, although she played her part unreservedly by starting a movement that changed thousands of lives during her time. Only one person could fulfill the remainder of the assignment, her great-granddaughter, Selma. Selma had enjoyed every privilege that Fidelia had left her, except for the weight of her legacy and the gift she carried. Her awakening happened when her discovery collided with everything she was familiar with, opening her eyes to the reality that she was standing at the center of a crossroad that would change her life forever. Living in Charlotte had never held any significant value until she awakened to its relevance as the crossover for a great change that needed to take place and the seeds that Fidelia had planted in the South through her victories with the Wildflower movement, a legacy Selma needed to learn to carry. Wildflower Season is a compelling story about destiny, divine connections, courage and awakening that is truly engrossed in a marvelous tale that the author expresses throughout the book.

Happiness and Peace don’t just happen to us. God wants us to be intentional about Thankfulness in order to recieve the abundance of joy available to us.

Have you ever felt the shift in your mind, heart, and body after saying “Thank you”? These are two of the most powerful words you can express to God and others. Thankfulness has the power to connect you to God’s heart and changes your life and perspective. Most people believe that joy and peace are coincidental, but they are developed intentionally through being thankful. Thankfulness helps you create a hopeful, optimistic mindset and attitude. Once you cross the hurdle of relying only on your feelings, then you can start activating your faith through the practice of giving thanks in all situations with deeper intention.

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